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Portland has seen 100 jobs lost at its long-standing wind tower manufacturer, Keppel Prince Engineering, and the flow-on effect will begin to be felt in the town in the coming months. And that's before other companies servicing the wind industry begin to lose work as it dries up, because there's little new investment in the technology thanks to political dithering on the Renewable Energy Target. We also have restrictive planning laws in Victoria that are limiting the growth of new projects. What can you do about this? Write to newspapers to let their readers know how these policies are effecting or are expected to effect you. If we don't have our say, who will?


Portland Observer
PO Box 431,
Portland, 3305
Text the editor at 0427 383 088
OR phone 5522 3000 and ask for Bill Meldrum or Dan Pederson in the newsroom
Warrnambool Standard
PO Box 419,
Warrnambool, 3280
Text the editor at 0427 842 029
OR phone 5563 1800 and ask for the chief of staff in the newsroom
The Age
Media House,
Level 2, 655 Collins Street,
Docklands, 3008
(up to 200 words)


NB: All letters and texts to the editor must include the author’s full name, address and daytime phone number for verification. Street addresses of authors and phone numbers will not be published.

Quick tips to help get your message published:

  • Keep the message short and sweet. More people will read it. We’d recommend 200 words.
  • Make it personal. Let the reader know what your connection is to renewables.
  • Why are renewable important to you and those around you? This makes a more interesting and inspiring read.
  • Keep the language clean, otherwise you’re likely to have it edited out or the whole message ignored.
  • Attach an interesting, sharp and relevant photo if that’s easy for you to do. That brightens up a newspaper’s page!
  • Send a draft to if you’d like me to check it or ask any questions - otherwise go for your life!
  • Forward a copy of your letter to once you’ve sent it if you’d like.


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