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Government continues attack on renewable energy, ignores independent advice

Reports today reveal Malcolm Turnbull has lost all credibility on energy policy.

The Federal Government was clearly told renewable energy was not to blame for the blackout in South Australia last September, yet the Prime Minister, his deputy and the Energy Minister were all pointing the finger at wind energy within hours of being told the exact opposite by independent expert advice. 

The Australian Wind Alliance has called on the Federal Government to once and for all drop its ideological opposition to wind energy.

Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray said misleading the public about renewable energy is irresponsible in more ways than one.

 “That Cabinet members ignored expert advice is concerning in the extreme and begs the question, what other advice is being dismissed?” Mr Bray said. 

“And throwing around unfounded accusations is economically reckless because it puts investment in much-needed new energy generation at risk.

“We need to cut the politics. Last week’s near-miss in New South Wales is evidence that wind is playing a vital role in keeping the lights on. We need more of it, not less. 

“As businesses, workers, investors and energy providers have told the Government today, there is simply no room for partisan politics when the reliability, affordability and sustainability of Australia’s energy system is at stake.”

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