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ACT Wind Auction delivers record low prices for wind

Low Prices

The ACT government has announced the winners of its auction for 200 megawatts of new wind energy. They chose three projects - 80 MW Ararat and 19.6MW Coonooer Bridge in Victoria and 100MW Hornsdale in South Australia.

The feed in tariff prices for the projects are $87, $81.50 and $92 per megawatt respectively. Adjusted for inflation they are $68, $63.50 and $71.70.

These prices are unprecedented for Australian projects and demonstrate that wind energy is now competitive with incumbent generation options and far and away the cheapest source of new large scale energy.

NSW politicians lobby for less jobs in their electorates 

The auction was hotly contested with 19 participants hoping to get a guernsey, including a number from the wider Australian Capital Region in NSW. After a vocal campaign by local politicians Angus Taylor, Pru Goward and others to discourage the ACT from choosing projects in their electorates, local businesses were asking questions about who's side exactly these politicians were on.

This was our response in the Goulburn Post.

A second round of projects will be auctioned for in late 2016.

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